Hi Roy, Just thought I'd drop a quick note and tell you what's been going on. We just got back from the Shasta auction and it was great!!We bought 3 properties - with one person making us an offer before we even left the auction. We'll have to see how serious he was. This county was allot of hard work because of the far distance from our house - it was about a 5 hour drive in each direction.

So now we are in the process of sending out letters and I'll use the agreement you sent me in regards to excess distribution and we'll see if we have any luck with these responses.

Now for the details:

One property is .40 acres by the Redding airport - minimum bid was $739.00 and we bought it for $2,100. The properties in the vicinity for this same size are in the neighborhood of $9,000 to $20,000.

The next two properties are both in Oak Run. One parcel is 1.52 acres that we bought for min. bid of $1,200 and the other parcel is 1.34 acres that we bought for min. bid of $1,100. These both have suggested values of surrounding properties of about $9,000+. So now all we need to do is sell these and we'll have more capitol for next years

The auction was really allot of fun. There was about 75-100 people attending and there was a few bankers/investors but about 30% of the properties went for minimum bid. There was 6 that I really had my eye on and we were able to come away with 3, so that was really exciting.

We are also working on Napa County; El Dorado County and Calaveras County. I just received a response back from Calaveras, but have not had time to find out what we just purchased. Shasta County has been taking up all my free time so now I can get caught up and concentrate on the others.

This is allot of fun and I THANK YOU VERY MUCH for all your great help. I feel like everyday I am learning something new.



The new year coming, 2008 will be very interesting.
Subject:   Thanks!
From:   "Ruth"

Thank you so much for taking my call yesterday.  It has been an exciting day for me.  After talking to you, I got the deed signed for the 10 acres lot in Riverside county, which worth
between $20,000 to 30,000, I got it for $1,000 and will pay $800 delinquent tax.  It was my 1st deal from property owner, I could not go to sleep the night before, but it is so easy when
everything is signed and recorded.   The seller even ask me if I am interested in a river-front lot in TX, which was delinquent in tax for years, sure, I will check that one out.

It has been two months after purchased your manuals, I used them faithfully like a bible.  We got 3 lots from Arkansas already, and bidding for another
60 lots.  The New Year is coming, 2008 will be very interesting.

Best regards,
Ruth in California

From: "kenneth
To: <>
Subject: Excess Proceeds

Thanks for all your help. Things are just starting to roll. Got my first California deed after 4 weeks of starting.
Hope more are to follow!

Thanks Ken in California

"Love Works!"
Subject: hi roy, just a quick email

I was sending a quick email in hopes that you are doing well. I haven't written in over a year. you are in my thoughts, sir. I can never express enough how crossing paths with you, has been
the most rewarding gift from the heavens that I have ever received. Roy, I continue to grow and prosper from meeting you. You have made it a reality in my life toexperience the luxuries
of life, to have the time to be with family, friends and myself to grow spiritually. Thanks to you, Roy, my life gets sweeter and sweeter. You will neverknow how filled with joy, I am, in
having crossed path with you. I said, to you back in about 2002 that you are the only person that I have ever met on the Internet who didn't deceive me. Again, I pray that you are well. I
hope that you have made progress from your health issues of years ago. You are a blessing. Please, don't ever, if you can, stop making your web site and information on investing in tax
liens, tax deed sales, etc. available to those who, "Dare To Dream." This is venus. Formerly
Best wishes until I write again. Happy New Year . (Yes, you may publish this because I want others to know that their dreams can come true. This is life enriching information that you
provide.) Until next time, Roy. God Bless. "Love Works!"

Subject: Re: hi roy, just a quick email

Whoa. I'm sorry, to hear that but God knows, Roy, had been so giving of knowledge to me. He always replied to help me understand whatever I was struggling to comprehend. I can't tell
you how much of an impact he made on the path my life has taken. I will never forget stumbling across his web site and writing to him to be greeted with his messages of succeeding by
making the decision to take the first step. I am, hurt, to hear that he has passed on. I know that we all have a destiny. I am, thankful that I was able to let him know while he was here, with
us, in this dimension how grateful I am that we crossed paths.  God bless you and your loved ones. I am sincere that he was a guiding light and I now experience living and accomplishing
things that I would not have done, I am certain, had I not learned from such a truly giving being. Roy was a guardian angel to me.
I am grateful to God that he arrived in my life and showed me the path to fulfilling my life desires. I will always be thankful for meeting, Roy, online. I am saddened but I am equally
grateful for his sharing so much with so many people. Thank you for replying to my email. I send you my best wishes. I am truly saddened by this information.
I had no idea. I recently communicated with jazzy who back in 2001 had inspiring testimonials on the web site and he didn't know how Roy was doing. I am certain many may not know, Roy,
has passed on... God Bless you and yours!


Missouri manual

From: Ron
Subject: missouri manual
To: Roy Stubblefield <>

Hi  Roy,

  I bought several of your manuals a few years ago and just wanted to tell you that you give the most value for the buck that I have ever come across.  I have two rental houses that I
bought using your letter campaign for the grand sum of $500 each.  I also bought one for $50 that I flipped to a rehabber for $3,000. the others I have sold on contract for deed for the sum
of 35 K and 32K each that is making a nice little income supplement.

Thank you for your time.

From: "Bill "
Subject: Update
To: <>

  I just wanted to drop you a note, as in the 3 months since I ordered your package, my life has change for the better!!  I ordered your kit with some of my last few dollars, I started a letter
campaign based on your samples and education to owners that were delinquent and the property started to roll in...  my first mailing was only 250 letters (all the money I could raise) and
the following responses came pouring in:
Resort plot in lake subdivision value: $2,000 (out of state owner)
corner lot from an estate value: $3,500 (out of state owner)
9 acres improved pasture value:$16,200 (divorce)
10 acres near Houston, value:$20,000 (out of state owner)
14 Lake lots value:$5,400 (from an estate)
2 side by side 5 acre lots bordered by a river on a paved road. Value:$5,000 each (out of state owner)

There were more offered, but those are the ones I accepted, oh at $100 each... (borrowed)  I've sold the first two for just under $4k!!

So I'm left with $51,600.00 in property (last 4 listed above) with $47,900 in equity!! So even if I blow them out at discount pricing, the ROI is fantastic!

The third one is in the process of being sold now.

I've since done 3 more mailings, and have acquired many more properties then I've listed here... all with thousands of dollars in equity!
I now do this fulltime, working from home.  I've have not even slowed down to figure up my net worth growth, but it is tremendous!!
Plano, Texas

From: Marty
Subject: Thanks Roy!  It works!!!

Hi Roy,

Five years ago, I bought the California Manual and the Trust Manual.  Since then, great things have happened.  I bought two properties at a sale.  On one, we netted out $1,200.  On the
other, $14,000.  For both, it was a three-year process, and definitely worth it!

I just want to thank you for opening the door for my family and me to make money and have fun.  I am now in the process of passing your knowledge and expertise on to my own children
and to some high school students who are also interested in what you are doing.  It's fun to see them get excited about the fact that they can go make money in life without having to have a
job!  So, =93THANK YOU=94 for your incredible information, website, and newsletters.

One of your "Motivations of the Week" that you wrote a while back was,
"A job is the biggest killer of financial Freedom.  What is yours costing you?"

I probably read it when you first wrote it, but it didn't really hit me that profoundly.  However, a month ago, it did!...and my mind has been sparking ever since.

During the past five years, I have continued to research properties, counties, laws, etc.  Last month, I bought the tax roll for a California county and will be sending out =93token offer=94
letters to a thousand owners. I put together info from your manuals and newsletters to create a mail merge document that will get great responses.

By the way, can I come to the next fishing tournament, too?   (You had mentioned it in a newsletter a while back).

I hope you are doing well.  You are in our prayers and our thoughts.

All the best, and a million thanks,
Marty in California

Subject: real estate success

Dear Roy

I hope this finds you doing well and enjoying a beautiful summer afternoon.

Back in 2001 we bought several of your manuals and started investing in real estate.  I posted on the taxsales board about one of our swampland parcels in Florida which we sold to the state for $8100 thanks to a federal 'save our everglades' grant.

I wanted to update you about how much our lives have changed as a result of buying RE using your methods.  In March we listed 8 parcels we purchased in Florida in Sarasota and Charlotte counties for sale with Century 21 in Punta Gorda.  We purchased the lots for between $10-100 a piece and listed them for between $12,000-$49,000 each.  They all sold and we cleared a profit of over $150000 on these eight lots alone.  The sale of that land enabled us to leave the Denver suburbs and buy our current home - a farm on 160 acres in the Missouri Ozarks.  We have horses, goats, dogs, cats, chickens, guinea name it, and even have a fishing pond with a dock just 30 feet off the back patio.  It is a wonderful life for our children, who are 10 and 7 - and it's the life we hoped to have in retirement - only our investments have made it possible now.

I can't even begin to count the number of people who pooh-poohed what we were doing (who still do, even when we've been so successful) and who insinuate that we're involved in 'get rich quick' quackery (I prefer to think of it as 'get rich smart').

Countless times we've referred people to your website so they can get started on their own and are always astonished that folks don't follow through.  They turn their backs on a good deal and continue doing what fails (usually working at a dead-end job, the surest way to stay poor).  In the meantime we just quietly continue buying land and have amassed a significant portfolio with real estate holdings pretty much all over the country.  We have worked hard (yes, it is truly work) and enjoyed every minute of it (and it's even more fun when you can look out your home office over an 80-acre pasture and stop to ride horses or fish when you want a break).

Your information really opened up a new world to us and certainly changed our lives immeasurably.  "Thank you" doesn't begin to express how we feel but we don't really have any other words to say, so "Thank you".

I know that you sometimes post emails and you may certainly share this one - please just remove our last name, address and email address

Take care,

From: "kelley carter"

I've gotten great results utilizing your techniques. I acquired two parcels for $200.00 with a combined value of $85,000, with delinquent taxes totaling approximately $10.000. I have prospective buyers for both parcels.  This has been an exciting journey and I'm excited about getting the property sold. I've purchased other tax delinquent programs, and none come close to your information, I'm truly thankful.

To: <>
Subject: thanks

Dear Roy,

I purchased your course about 2 years ago. I want to thank you for this information from the bottom of my heart. You see, my wife is scheduled to have our first child tomorrow. At first, I was a little apprehensive about the financials like all new dads. Then, the most amazing thing happened. We just received another 32 deeds for Arkansas lots! Now, I will make enough money to easily pay off all those new parent debts and my wife can take off as much maternity as she wants. I actually encouraged her to take off more than she is currently planning. It is a nice feeling to know that she will be able to go back to work when she wants to not when she has to.


To: <>
Subject: Thank you Thank you Thank you!

  I am so glad to hear you are doing better!  You have been in my thoughts and prayers ever since your stroke and I have watched your recovery closely.  In March of 2002 I ran across your newsletter and ordered 3 of your manuals.  I was ready for a career change at that time in my life and once I began studying your manuals, I was amazed at what I read.  I have a friend who is a developer and when I shared this information with him, he became very excited.  We formed a LLC and I began looking for properties immediately.  Our first find was a recorded map in Arizona  of 341 lots that we purchased as struck off property.  We were able to get them for 50% of the minimum list price because the Board of Supervisors wanted to sell them all together.  The lots are worth $10,000 and we were able to get them for $500 each! Luckily, my partner had the front cash to enable us to purchase them.  We then found four contiguous lots near Sedona, AZ that we paid $5,000 each for and they are worth $25,000.  We hired an architect, designed four Southwest homes, and are looking for a builder to build them out.  Our profit on these four homes will be about $200,000.  Our next project turned out to be a true gold mine.  I found 160 acres in Southern California in April of 2003 we were able to purchase directly from the owner prior to the tax sale at a much reduced price (it was such a hot area, that we couldn't chance it going to auction).  The property had many problems (environmental and otherwise), but with the help of my experienced partner, we hired an engineering firm, filed a tentative map, and are under contract with one of the biggest builders in the country for $55,000 per lot net.  We were able to get 545 lots on our new map!  Roy, I am completely amazed at what has happened to my life in the past 24 months.  I realize most of your students do not have the opportunity I have had.  To be able to partner with an experienced developer and learn the business from that end has completely changed my life.  We had been working out of my home office for the past 2 years, but now I have opened an office in a very nice area in town and hired 2 people to help with the work.  I want to start a letter writing campaign and pick up parcels all over the south west.  I have even looked into leasing the new Pitney Bowes equipment that sorts, folds, stuffs and stamps your mail all at once!  You always said to think BIG and I am.
  Sorry this letter is so long, but I have wanted to let you know how profitable your system has been for us and how eternally grateful I am to you for putting it together.  What's really amazing to me is that no one really knows about tax delinquent properties and how to find them.  I've told a few people that the properties we buy are tax delinquent and the response has always been, "Oh, you better be careful.  There are real problems with tax delinquent properties!"  What a great opportunity for the rest of us.
  I live in Las Vegas, NV and have been to Houston several times looking at property.  I would absolutely love to visit you one day and take you to lunch or dinner if that is at all possible.  I know you probably get that offer many times, but I would like to meet you in person and personally thank you.  You have truly changed my life for the better and I can never repay you!  God bless you Roy!  Jeannie

Card from Venus formerly known as

What's up Roy:
I just wanted to write and send you good wishes and prayers.  You will never know how my crossing paths with you has made all the difference in my life.  I was just thinking earlier today how happy I am that I followed the information I received from you in August 2000.  Roy, I had only dreamed of what it would be like to go to the beach, which I love during the day when others are at work.  It's Fantastic! !  I grew up in a family of 12 children and I wasn't sure what I was going to do with my life.  I knew that I didn't want to give decades to a company like my dad.  Or, work a government job like my mom.  I always knew that I wanted to be the one to decide when I worked and this has made it possible for me to not only dream about luxury and sports cars but to actually own them.  Well Roy, I, Venus, formerly, sought your input on the lot of things in the beginning and you more than fed my curiosity.  Roy, I, never really knew that I would really ever cross paths with a SUPERMAN... I didn't want another week to pass without saying THANKS, THANKS, THANK YOU so much for sharing the knowledge you knew would and could change lives.  It changed mine forever.  I thank you and my daughters thank you!

Best Wishes and God Bless,

From: Steve & Traci Jenkins <
Subject: Success Story


I hope you are doing well. I just wanted to drop you a line to let you know about my success.  Last year was great for me and my wife Traci.  Using your letter writing technique, we were able to acquire 18 properties.  We bought 4 mobile home lots in Nevada for $800 and sold them for $12,000 sight unseen.  This year, we have sold one lot in Arkansas.  Roy, your spirit has really lifted and inspired so many.

Wishing you the best,

Steve & Traci

From: "earlisms" <>
To: <
Subject: warranty deeds

I have used your letter writing technique for about 4 months now and have made about $27,400.00 profit and have about 38 properties left for sale at this time.

No way I can thank you enough for that but I want to say "Thank you" anyway.

thanks - Earl

Letter from Coach:
Roy your student in Phoenix Arizona has already sold 5 of their properties and  they are so excited.  Another student in Texas (Dr. Connell) has purchased several properties as well, and he is currently marketing them for sale.  Sara D. has mailed a few deeds to sellers today!!!

I have been thinking we might consider raising the cost of the coaching program . . . The students are really doing well and are truly receiving a lot of value for the price.

Roy, we have 3 properties purchased at auction so far (total value conservatively at $110,000 with $29.000 invested) & feel we are becoming more efficient & progressing every month.  Thank You for your help ! ! ! !
Thanks Again,
Tome and Melissa
in Minnesota.

Dear Roy and Merlina,

I just wanted to thank you for your wisdom and foresight in bringing Dr.Joe Gandolpho to the ouston seminar. The information he shared with the group was worth the cost of the entire seminar, and I plan to use his services. It's obvious you are here to help in every area of our financial lives, adn I appreciate you.
Tim Gristy
Lubbock, Texas

Overwhelming amount of information. Quite well organized. Using all of the techniques will take a lifetime of fun and money. Definately interested in future seminars.
Frans Moret

Thank you for helping me to feel better prepared in starting my new path in life. I'm looking forward to doing more work with you. (Watch out for my success story.)
Jay Wooden
Grand Island, Nebraska

Overall very valuable and incredible amount of knowledge.
Greg Taylor
Arlington, Texas

Thank you for this wonderful experience. I really enjoyed and learned a lot. Best thing from this seminar was I could meet other people with my same interest and we could brainstorm together.
Tamako Nakamura
Santa Ana, California

Most valuable information that I learned was there are many ways of making money which I am not using now. Great educational experience!! What an eye-opener. I am an experienced investor, and I gained tons of new knowledge.
Stephen Seal
Portland. Oreagon

The semniar clarified many issues on many topics which were unclear in my mind.
Dan Nicholson

Confidence Builder!!
Carl Romaner


Subject: Re: Fun and Profits in Tax Forfeited Lands:  Missouri, Manual
MIME-Version: 1.0

Thank you for responding so quickly with the Missouri manual I ordered.  I am very anxious to get started and will let you know how I am doing.  I've already been impressed with the amount of knowledge I've gleaned from your newsletters alone (I've been subscribing and reading for a  couple of months now).

Again, thanks for the quick response!

 This month is off to a great start!

Subject: This month is off to a great start!

Hi, Roy, I wrote to you last month about the 1210. I made off two lots that I sold. I had
gotten each one for only $25. each using your letter writing technique.  So, it's a new month and I just sold a set of lots for a total of $1130.  These lots I had also gotten for just one payment of $25. using the letter writing method.  Thanks again, Roy, for being the one person online who told me the truth.  I have learned so much since crossing your path in Aug. '00.


Subject: Thanks again, Roy

Thanks to you Roy that through my continuing to use you letter writing technique I have sold this month 2 lots that I acquired for $25. each for
a total profit of $1210.  It feels so goooooooooooood!


Dear Roy,

I hope you are doing well.  The land I purchased at the Livingston Sale last year is selling very well.  I have already tripled my money and have
created notes that are providing a nice steady cash flow.  All of this and I still have 11 lots to sell.

I have lost the location of the discussion group.  If it still exists, can you direct me to the proper location.

Best Regards,
Blake Gasaway

    This is not really a success story yet but it  is

Dear Mr. Stubblefield:

My CD-ROM arrived in today's (Monday) mail.  I have been dealing with the Post Office for many years and they never cease to amaze me.  On both ends of the spectrum!  With the amount of mail they handle it is almost a miracle the service we get compared to the rest of the world.  On the other hand they can foul up in the most idiotic of ways.  I mailed a registered letter to ABC Television Network in New York and it came back "No one at that address".  Excuse me, ABC owns the whole skyscraper!

Anyway, I have looked through the material and I am very impressed.  I dabbled in this business in the early 90s in New Mexico but at that time did not have the money to do more than dabble.  Now that I am "semi-retired" I am going to hop in the motorhome and tour a few states and play the game seriously.  Back when I was doing it a few years ago I bought many properties in New Mexico for $25 from the property owners before it went to auction.  I let the property go to auction and then filed a claim for the "surplus".  Not big money but in volume could add up to a few nickels!  Incidently, my "hit" rate for buying the property was not the 1% you mention in one of your writings but more like 10%-15%!!!  In the "mail order" business that is a fantastic response.

I would appreciate it if you could tell me the name of the "chat" group or "forum" and I will go ahead and join.  Due to my past experience I think I have something to contribute and I know many others do.


Mike Cordova

MY COMMENTHello: We did have a chat room at but it got taken down due to violations of several of the members we allowed in.
I have little or no control over it but it is just a little bit better than having nothing.

I also acquired literally thousands of properties in New Mexico in the 1980's and simply let the state sell them and picked up hundreds of excess proceeds.  I think the largest I ever got was around $3,000.00 Most of them were less than $500 each but as you stated they all added up to quite a bit of money for the very little amount of energy expended by me.


Roy Stubblefield wrote:
 Hello: The material has been mailed to you by two day priority mail.  We made an error and sent you the incorrect thank you email.  We did not charge your credit card.

The post office is getting less and less efficient.  You should have your priority mail envelope very soon. If it does not arrive let us know and we will send you another.


Dear Mr. Stubblefield:

I am not quite sure how to respond to this e-mail.  A little over a week ago I mailed you my order for the "Super Special" and I included with that order a Money Order in the amount of $997 to cover the product and postage.  I estimate that you should have received my order by last Saturday or Monday at the latest.  Based upon that I figure I should have received my order by yesterday (Thursday) or today (Friday) since it is coming by 2 Day Priority Mail.  As of this evening I have not yet received my order.

Since I sent a Money Order I don't understand the reference to my credit card.  I did not include any credit card information with my order since I was paying "cash" in effect.

Also, I have received no such "ivitation" from Yahoo.Com to join the private chat group.  Since I am already registered with Yahoo for numerous chat groups I would think them sending me an invitation would not a a major problem.

I would appreciate it very much if you could look into these matters as soon as possible and get back with me.

Thank you very much for your time and consideration in this matter.


Mike Cordova


From: "Shane" <>
To: "Roy Stubblefield" <>
Subject: Oxford Club Member

Hi Roy,

I too am a member of the Oxford Club since 1997 and subscriber of International Living, both worthwhile investments.

In the past I've noticed in reading your posted success stories and calculating the profit your students earn far exceeds the returns on most of
the Oxford Club recommendations. Your investment methods and strategies are unique, little known and very profitable, certainly an excellent way to
diversify anyone's investment portfolio.

Thank you as always for the generous spirit in which you share your knowledge and experience.

With warmest regards,
Shane Hoefsloot

MY COMMENTS:  Thanks,  but the Portfolio managers, attorneys, and other Oxford Club members and the benefits of membership in that prestigeous club are un-surpassed.  I highly recommend them.
Their URL is:
Also, the Internation Living Group is outstanding in the work they do.
They are located at


From: "Michael Eigsti"
To: <>
Subject: Hello?


 Hello, haven't had much contact with you in the past month or so...
 Is the Yahoo site still up and operating or have we changed to a different location, please let me know!
 Are you still selling the State Manuals? If so, I would like to get a hold of the Colorado State Manual, if it is still possible!!

 Roy, thanks to your instruction, I've purchased approximately 25-30 properties here in Michigan, and am doing better than I dreamed a year ago when I ordered the first manual!! I now own 3 investment homes, one is sold on L/C with a profit of approx. 11,000.00, another is rented through the Family Assistance Program , and I'm receiving rental income on a home that I paid 2000.00 for, and another that I paid 100.00 for will probably sell for 20,000, or more!

 Thanks for providing the materials, instructions, and advice to get me going on something I love to do!!!



From: <>
To: <>
Subject: First Week Buying Properties

Roy, I can't thank you enough for getting me started in real estate investing. Your course materials have taken me in directions no other course has ever been able to do. I ordered your course a few months ago but it wasn't until 2 weeks ago that I actually got started sending out letters explained in your manuals and I haven't looked back since. My first 2 lots I got for $25.00 each and they are appraised at $5,000 each(Total Value $10,000)free and clear. Then I received 5 lots free and clear from a developer for $25.00 each ($125.00) Appraised at $12,000.00 each (Total Value $60,000). I also got a 1/2 acre lot with a 1848 sq. ft. mobile home for $100.00 that is appraised for $21,800, So for sending out only 200 letters I have received free and clear property totaling $91,800 yes $91,800. Not to stop there as of yesterday I received back approved bids on 29 struck off properties for a total cost of $8,407.97. The appraised value for these properties is $95,623.00. My real estate holdings before your course "0". My real estate holdings after your course $187,423.00 in my first month and for you people out there who might read this, I was right in your shoes not too long ago wondering would any of this actually work and the numbers speak for themselves. Yes it does work all you have to do is apply Roy's methods and you'll be sitting in front of your computer getting to tell your success story just like me.

Roy please feel free to use my story in any way you see fit. I owe you that and a whole lot more. Again, thank you very much.

John D. Richards


Subject: New customer

Hi Roy, I just purchased your Texas manual about three weeks ago. I must say this manual is so full of information. I've gone read it thoroughly at least twice and have skimmed it a at least a hand full more.  And the price was so low, I must commend you on that. Compared to some of the others that try to offer the same info for 3, 5, or 10 times the cost of  your manuals. I'm really excited about this opportunity, I believe I can make it work. I will definitely be purchasing the trust manual next or upgrading to the beginners special.

Thanks  so much Roy, I look foward to hearing from you. And I hope to be sending you my success stories soon.

Georgia Weigel"

Hello Roy and the Staff at Tax Research Foundation.
From: "Danny"

You are welcome to publish this but please delete my email address. I had over 100 people email and asked me all kinds of information about this business. I just do not have the time to answer so many emails or to coach others.

Your material has changed my life for the better. I have recently purchased all 55 manuals from your organization and I am now in the process of expanding my tax lien business to as many states as time will permit.

I now know that your letter writing technique works in every state where I have used it.

So my plan is to send out at least 300 letters every week. That should give me an average of 4 1/2 deeds back for each mailing. That calculates to over 200 properties that I will acquire this year. Since I will only be sending out solicitation letters to delinquent owners where the property is worth at least $10,000 I will acquire over two million dollars worth of real estate this year. Considering that I now have over 100 deeds from last years effort in several different states and have sold well over half of them, a 1 1/2% return is not un-realistic.

Your material is worth more than gold. Thanks for providing me with a method where I can now say I am a truly free man.



From: Derwin Villanueva <>

Aloha Roy,

Well the New Year is upon us and as I look back at the past I cannot thank you enough for the constant encouragement you bring to me. I'll be retiring from
the Army soon, not because I'm old enough (40). I'll be doing so because of your kindness, professionalism and faithfulness. This program of yours has changed
us. I pray the best for you and yours in the coming year.

Mahalo Nui
(Thanks much)
Derwin Villanueva

Subject: Hi Roy

We finally did it.  I started getting your newsletter some time ago, but until recently did not take action because the county I live in never had a system set up to distribute and sell the tax forfeited properties.  Earlier this year the county set up a non-profit corporation that takes title to these properties and then auctions them off to the public.  Well, this is just the tip of the iceberg.  We bought a 2 bedroom bungalow for $850 that was occupied by a family that spoke no English and did not understand about paying property taxes, transferring title, etc.  Once we made contact we were able to find out that they had bought the property from a relative and the deed was never transferred in their name.  After explaining how we obtained the deed to the property and offered to sell it to them, they were elated.  We could have easily got $15,000 or more out of this property, but did the righ! t thing and sold it back to them for $6500.  We definitely made some friends.  There are other stories as well, but will save them for a later date.

P.S. We have plans to purchase the deeds to approximately 7-9 more properties soon.

Thanks for the info !!
Don & Scott

"a story about swamp land in Florida"
and more!!!!

If you are not yet convinced by now that this is a FUN business that is also highly profitable just read this recent post to our Private Chat Room and message board for  the use of our customers only.  This will make your day.  It did mine.  This is from a lady and mother by the name of Margo from Colorado.  I guaranteed it is worth your time to read it.

“Sorry for the long post, but it's a long story.

   First, let me tell you about my week. On Monday and Saturday I mailed tax payments to the IRS. On Tuesday we closed on our refinance (30 yr to 15 yr mortgage). On Thursday our mortgage broker called to say that the IRS denied that I exist and without proof of income the loan couldn't be funded. On Friday, my husband spent two hours at the IRS office here in Denver obtaining official copies of our tax returns to prove that I do indeed exist. Also on Friday, our family Xmas present, a 55" High Definition TV, was delivered to our house. However, when the delivery men tilted it to carry it up the steps we heard the sound of shattered glass sliding around inside the set.  (Prompting one of the guys to say, "That's not good".) So they loaded it back on the truck all the while our 4 year old is crying, "where are you taking my TV?!" On Saturday, I went to MBE (to mail taxes, ironically), and received a very special letter. Now the week starts to look up...

Now for a little background: Since March we've picked up 41 pieces of real estate using the letter writing technique, usually for $10 or $25 a piece. As you might guess we go at it pretty seriously, but it works whether you mail 10 letters at a time or 1000. Figure out what you're doing, buy a good quality printer and lots and lots of stamps and the sky's the limit.

   This summer I was buying a couple of lots from a lady who inherited them from her late husband. She never wanted him to buy them in the first place and now she just wanted rid of them. While we were yakking she remembered that she had this other worthless piece of land in another county, and would I mind taking it, too?

So I sent her three money orders for $10 each for three lots, recorded the deeds and  went on with life as usual (or as usual as it gets around here).

   A couple of weeks later I took a lot of ribbing from a friend about buying swampland that you couldn't even give away. I was embarassed and tried to make a joke about starting an alligator farm, but was pretty red-faced and slunk (slinked?) home feeling stupid for even sharing my story.

   Now to the present and the letter. It was from a Title company acting on behalf of the State of Florida, and contained an agreement for sale and purchase in the amount of $8100 so that the little parcel nobody wanted could be added to the Everglades National Park. Would I pretty please sell them my land?

   To make a long story boring, the land actually was in a swamp, but I didn't have to start an alligator farm because apparently it was already part of a really, really big alligator farm.

   The moral to this story is: "he who laughs last laughs best" (I think that's how it goes) and "you don't know what you've got 'til the fat lady sings" (I'm pretty sure that's not how it goes, but what the hey).

   Sometimes if you kiss a frog it really does turn into a prince...




Good Afternoon Roy:

As you know I have been a satisfied customer's of yours for a long time.  I have sent you success story after success story and asked you not to publish them.  I just did not want people using my many hours of research to come in the back door and compete with me.  I see a lot of people that want to do just that from reading the messages in your chat room.

But, I do give you permission to publish this.  I acquired just one state manual from you in the beginning and studied it from beginning to end over and over again.  Every time I read it I learned something new.  I later upgraded to the Intermediate Special and I am glad I did.

I now use your letter writing technique in California, Oregon, Washington, and Massachusetts.  Just in the last 11 months, I have acquired 73 properties and the most I paid for any one was $100.00.  I have already sold over half of them at big profits on each one.

I am now going to expand my letter writing to other states, one at a time, because it works like a charm.  I have placed an order for the entire set of manuals for $695.  I understand the price is increasing on 1 January 2001.  Regardless of what you charge the material is worth  its weight in gold.  If you charged $1000.00 for just one state manual it would be worth 20 times what you charge.

I purchased materials from others before discovering your website for a lot more money than you charge.  It was mostly junk and just plain  useless.
You have done a great job and I congratulate you.

Thanks for changing my life.


AFTER  "awesome success"
CommentsorQuestions: Hi Roy:

We bought our first manual from you in April, 2001 and since then, we've purchased and SOLD many properties using your techniques with awesome success!  As an example, we purchased a property for $25.00 and sold it for $860.00, and this is just one of many!

Thank you and many blessings to you and your family!



From: "Todd" <>
To: "Roy Stubblefield" <>
Subject: Your Michigan Manual is Great

Hello Roy,

I purchased your Michigan manual last year right before the big change in Liens to block out the "non-corporate" investor.  I live in Grand Rapids
which is about 60minutes from the Indiana border.  Would you give me advice on which states I should approach for the strategy of purchasing property that has been struck off.  I am a young father and as such do not have much vacation time to visit these places and attend auctions.  Perhaps when my cash flow improves to the positive side.  Thanks in advance for your reply.

P.S.  I did a lot of research at the courthouse to learn of the changes in Lien properties and auctions.  Your manual was a large confidence booster
when talking with the officials.  They are real people just like us.


MY COMMENT:  I suggested Nebraska, Arkansas, and Alabama as good states to work from  long distance.  The prices are very low in relation to the assessed fair market values and our customrs have had success in these three states without ever having to visit them.  Other states such as Texas, Oklahoma and many others for those living in those states.


"I have always wanted to work for myself.  I will eventually buy all you manuels sometime in the future.  I would like to be one of your testimonials one of these days.   I have enjoyed reading all the great testimonials, now it is about time to take action, that is true, I have never seen a program better than yours, I have bought alot of real estate materials from all the TV programs, even Carlton Sheets, but have been too busy in my profession, but I would like to get out of the rat race, thanks again for putting together such a program as I had all of them at one time.
     Bye for now,
          John Fields"


I just received the following PS to an email.  There are several lessons to learn from this email If you want something bad enough, just keep asking.  The second lesson is that the clerks in most of the tax offices do not have a clue as to what is going on (with a few exceptions). Also, a third lesson is that struck off properties in every state are extremely valuable investments.

Fourth lesson:  Do not critize the spelling.  The lessons are still there.  You do not need a degree or even a high school education to make a lot of money in this business.  No license required.  Just a little common sense will sufice.

"From:  Dan Fink  ( formaly homemaxx)

Ps. I got a deed on a house in little rock AR. had a agent do a bpo and send me pictures he says its worth 24-29k as is  ( by the way I paid $100.00) this is a brick cape cod it was owned by the assocates I am sending off for tax title services to get me title insurance. may plan is to see it on a note season a month or tow and sell the note and go buy a bunch more. Also this month i learned that maryland were i live has struck offs as well. after asking nearly everyone in every court house and tax office if they have struck offs they all said no $4.00 later i have a list, and next week they have a hand full of offers.

Thanks a bunch"

From: Evelyn Flowers <>
Subject: My success with your materials.

Happy Thanksgiving:

I just want to send you a note to say how thankful I am that I encountered your website,, about a year ago.

It has been a fantastic journey and I am having more fun and making more money than I ever dreamed possible.

As you know I first just purchased one state manual,  then I upgraded to the Beginner's Special, and Fianally to the Super Special.  I now have all the
manuals for all the states.  I am having a ball using your various techniques in the different states.

It is amazing.  I have acquired properites in Nebraska for less than ten percent of what I sold them for, properties in California priopr to the tax
sale for give away prices, and dozens of propertis in other states.

Your letter writing technique is a work of a genius.

I just wanted to let you know how grateful I and my family are for your material.  If I can do it anyone can do it.

Thanks again for everything.


From: Peter Quinones <>

Hi Roy, my name's Peter Quinones, if you check your records you'll see I've purchased several of your manuals.  I've done quite well with your material
and let me tell you, your stuff is the best value compared to everybody in the tax sale-education field.  I've had much success in New Jersey with
your techniques.
The reason I'm writing is, I like to put links to the sites of people who have helped me on my own site at  You'll see my links page
is reputable and I never put on a link without asking.  May I put a link for you on?  A lot of people who are interested in my business would
probably be so in yours too.  Thanks for your time !  -Peter Quinones, your satisfied customer


From: Ron Buren Subject: Success
To: Roy Stubblefield <>

Hi Roy:

 just wanted to drop you a line and express my appreciation for your guidance.   I just got back from cherokee village where I was looking and taking pictures for my sales efforts.  I just finished my first two auctions and sold property I paid  $50.00 for a total of $783.00.  That is a lot better return than the bank offers.

Again thanks for your help and guidance.

Ron B

Another Success Story from New York

From: "Bevan White" <
To: "Roy Stubblefield" <
Subject: fun and profits

Hello Roy:
Just was looking over a letter you received from my freind lovey.  Thought I would share just one of my experiences this summer. As you have brought out over and over the point, how fun and profitable this buisness is. For me I love nature, and that is one reason I love this buisness.In the end of May I bought a property for $5000 at a auction. It was 4 acres about 2 tenths of a mile to a 30 mile lake with private lake rights. The property even though vacant had electricity, shed and a pond loaded with catfish.  Also a boat and riding lawnmower came with the property. This is in the beautiful and spacious adirondack park. With this peice of property , I had some freinds over from Hawaii, and we spent the summer camping out here. I spent most of the summer out there. It was a very enjoyable peice of property throughout the summer. As far as the profit side of it. I put a ad in the local penny saver in the last week of august and within a week had $12,000 cash in my hand. Not bad enjoyed the whole summer there, got a boat, riding lawnmower and $7000 profit. Fun and profitabe, yup sure is to me. I also put another property up for sale the same time and had that sold within a week too.Next stop 3 acres with trailor, creeks,swimming hole and miles of walkin trails. cya around.
Thanks for everything Roy ..


We have received several great success stories from Bevan.  He is definitely a player – not a spectator.  Glad you are having so much FUN Bevan.

One down, Infinity to Go!


   I just wanted to share my first deal w/the group. Once again, this proves that Roy's information is priceless. There was an auction in    Herkimer County about a month ago which I wasn't able to attend. I scoped out the properties and land that I would be interested in.    After the auction, one of the pieces of land was still available and they accepted sealed bids. I sent in a sealed bid of $50.00 on 2.50 acres    of open land and I received a phone call this morning that my bid was accepted!

   They will be mailing the deed and other pertinent information out to me shortly. The property is assessed at $6,000!!!! So I just wanted to    encourage everyone to keep plugging away, because

"A Goal is a Dream with a Deadline"!!!

TURNS $50.00 INTO OVER $10,000

Subject: Success Story

Hi Roy,

Well, I had a very nice summer this year!  In using your techniques, I closed a deal this week (cash) for $10,300 for a residential lot that I paid $50.00 for (I’ve never paid more than that).  I acquired the property by using your techniques as explained in the manual, I then received a deed back from the owner, in which I paid him $50.00, then I used yet another marketing technique of yours and that was to mail letters out to the neighbors asking if they’d be interested in purchasing the property.  I soon sold the property in 2 weeks from notifying the neighbors!  Now for those of you who don’t believe this, I made a profit of $10, 250.00!!!!!!!!!!!!!  No it’s not my largest deal but its a deal I wanted to share to folks who are scratching their heads if they should purchase your course and its also a success letter to motivate all the other kind and hard working folks that are doing exactly what I’m doing.  I now know why I quit corporate America!  This is way too fun!!

Thanks Roy!


Subject: Thanks for the material on tax sales

Hey Roy,

I’ve only had your couse since March, but now I’ve purchased 16 properties in 3 different states all through the mail as struck off properties, over the counter, or whatever you want to call them.

I’ve only spent around $1500 & have purchased properties for $6, $10, $22, $25, $50, $100, etc.

It’s amazing what’s out there for so little money.  Even in one state a business owed over $9,000 in back taxes & the state took only $20.00.  That’s not a misprint.   You’ve posted my letters before & I have people call me & E-mail me & yes it’s true.

The one thing that I want to say is you have to jump out there & get started & do a lot of work yourself.  Even though I have invested in only 3 states I’ve made several hundred phone calls to find out more details & identify opportunities & I’m still learning more every day.  For instance I just found out New Orleans has over 40,000 just in that one city.  I’ve identified numerous states that will allow you to purchase properties for $100 or less.

There’s plenty for everyone, just overcome your fear of succeeding & get started.

Thanks Roy

First deed received - paid $50.00
says assessed value is a litttle over $5,000

From: "Theresa Wade" <
Subject: First Deed


I must say, I can not thank you enough!  Received my first deed in the mail a few weeks back...already working on marketing it.  It took two months to get it back in the mail...from the time I sent the letter out.  The mailing technique is so easy and cost effective for anyone starting out without a lot of money.  Let me encourage anyone who is having trouble...just hang in there.  Do everything Roy says...and you
will be successful.

God bless,



From: "Zulema Quintanilla" <>
To: <>
Subject: Success Story

Roy, I just had to share my good news with you and with everyone else.  I just recently started the letter writing technique.  I live on a very tight budget so I am only sending a few letters per week. Also, I do not include a self addressed envelope. Anyway, on Friday (July 20, 2001) I received two responses. Both letters included copy of deed and both properties are free and clear. One property is assessed at $9000 and the other one at $6000.  The $9000 property is located in a popular resort/country club. I am so excited about this.  Since I am new to this business, I am seeking the advice of an attorney to help finalize this.   I am so excited and I give you all of the credit, Roy.  Thank you so very much.

Please feel free to use my success story in your newsletter or on your website.  I want all of the beginners to know that this works and to be persistent.

Dear Roy,

I just wanted to drop you a line to let you know about my success at the Polk County Auction. The bidding was competitive but persistence paid off. I was able to purchase 15 lots near the town of Livingston, Tx for 6% of appraised value. These are my first purchases after receiving your manual just a few months ago. I am very excited about marketing these lots and I'm looking forward to using your innovative techniques for a quick sell.

   Blake Gasaway


Subject: a success story

Hi Roy,

I purchased one of your manuels in May 2001 and in 2 months I have purchased 5 lots in Arkansas which I already sold and tripled my money...1 lot in Arizona which I sold and tripled my money ...7 lots in NY for the price of $1400.00, assessed value 23,800  and my latest this week..A beautiful Victorian 6 family in historical district of NY for 47,500.00..assessed value 147,500.00. Rental from this home is $45000.00 a year. I am so excited I can hardly speak since learning about tax deed sales. I am living and breathing all the information and taking action.

Thank you so much Roy for turning me on to my new career
Joy Lucciarini from MA


From tana.parks@wirkdnet,att,bet

Roy and Marilyn:

Just a note to tell you how much I enjoy receiving yourTax Research Foundation Newsletter. Even though I have been in this business for 15 years, acquired hundreds of properties for myself and my family, purchased thousands of tax certificates, etc.., I still find new ideas and valuable information from your newsletter. Keep up the good work



Subject: A Question Please,  Plus Our 1st Success Story

Hi Roy:
We are purchasing a group of properties in a gated community in  Arkansas.  The current annual Association Dues are prorated from time of purchase and
are due immediately, which (technically) we will inherit.  Our goal is to sell them ASAP and needless to say, we want to avoid that expense, if
possible!   Have you dealt with this type of situation?    Any suggestions would be much appreciated.  Paula

Now, for our first success!  Please share the following, if you care to:

Hi Roy:
We have acquired our first piece of property here in Southern California, (Signed, Sealed & Delivered!), based on your Letter Writing Technique - it
Works!!!  Thank you for "Sharing The Wealth."  You and your family must be blessed beyond your fondest dreams for all you have given!
The Park Place Family Trust


Some of our customers have had great success acquiring properties in some of the retirement type subdivisions in Arkansas and other states.  One person from Illinois is acquiring them for $35.00 and selling them on ebay and yahoo auction sites for small down payments but getting around $1900 each for them.  His name is Allen Bailey.  You can look up some of his auctions with just his name, I think.

The way I would do it is to sell the properties with an agreement that the buyer assumes the responsibility for those dues and currently due taxes.

Thanks for the success story.




Having just bought the manuals for 4 states today, I read quickly through some of the info for texas, and colorado, and was very impressed,
 Strolling through postings, i am overwhelmed by the knowledgable tips, and excited, cant wait to go to the live chat, this place is a godsend.. Thanks roy for having this site

Reply-To: "Sue Maxwell" <
To: <
Subject: Hi Roy!

Hi Roy,

I have been a subscriber to your newsletter and bought the Florida Manual over 1 1/2 years ago.  I finally put your methods to work after all that
time.  I faithfully read your newsletters which kept me so motivated reading all the stories of people who were buying some great deals but I was too
scared to go and and buy anything.  I finally got over it and bought my first property.  It was a good deal.  I paid $1,202.54 for a residential lot
worth $26,000 - $30,000!!!  I thank-you so much for providing all of this information to me and all the other people that you do.  I have learned so
much from you.  You really are a saint.  I know if I keep going I'm going to get wealthy.


Sue Maxwell
Largo, Florida


Subject: Recent success story from Vanessa.
X-Mailer: AOL 6.0 for Windows US sub 10519

Dear Roy,
I've been busy as a beaver using your program in letter writing over the
course of two years to make many purchases of property.  I have never paid
more than $50.00 per parcel of land and recently I sold a property for
$22,500.00 of which I invested $50.00 in initially.  I had the property for
about 1 1/2 yrs before it sold but the return on the investment was quite
worth the wait!

I found your methods to be tried and true and rarely do I deviate from
I almost never get excited about much but when my returns come in like this
who wouldn't be excited?

I have other successes to tell but it would make this letter far too long!

Again, I can never thank you enough for your information, your concern, your
advice and all the extra things you do for your customers to ensure their




Subject: Thanks for getting back to me about my first sale on the lots

if they are sold and to think I ended up with five, free and clear
lots for only $50 and I will make $1600. off the sale of them to the one
person who has given me a $200 deposit... Roy, this is amazing and you are a
man of grand stature.  I am so happy and thankful to God that our paths
crossed.  Again, God Bless to you and yours.



From: "Benjamin Tarver" <>
                      Subject: update on properties

 Roy, Here's an update on the property I bought for just $20.  It's a commercial                property.  I called & found out it's accessed for $59,000.
Wow!! I told my co-worker & he didn't even ask me about how to get started.
Here's a guy with a Master's degree in "BUSINESS"
I also received letters from one state saying I could purchase properties
for $6.51, $22.48 & $10.07.

I tell people this & I still can't believe that I have not had one single
friend or relative ask me how to get started.

Everybody is looking to win the lottery I guess & the lottery is right in
 front of them.


 Benjamin Tarver




Dear Roy,

I ordered some of your manuals a few months back and have gotten started
buying some properties that have been struck off.  It's amazing that I can
almost name my own price.  I'm primarily interested in struck off
properties that have a house or some kind of building on it instead of
vacant land.  Could you suggest a state that might have more of this kind
of property available than the rest?  I've checked out Texas, Florida and
Virginia.  I like the way Texas operates it's sales better than the other
two states.  How about Oklahoma or Arkansas or would another state be even
better than them?  Please reply to:


Sumner H. Cunningham


Texas is good but also Oklahoma, Arkansas, and a few other states.

In Oklahoma, you can create your own tax sale by making offers on county owned
(same as struck off) properties.  In Arkansas, you can make offers on what is
referred to as the Negotiated Sales List (Same as Struck off).  People are making huge profits using this technique in both of those states as well as Texas.  I find, as you
have, that it is much more profitable than going to a tax sale and there
is little or no competition.  As you say, you can practically name your own
price in many cases.

One customer has informed us that he recently acquired sixteen properties form the Neogtiated Sales  list in Arkansas for $35.00 each.  He says he recently traded (bartered) four of those properties for a total of $8,000.00 for what are called barter bucks.  He used the barter bucks to pay for a hotel in Oklahoma City while at a barter session and he also used them to pay for a room at the Hilton in North Little Rock, AR, while attending a recent tax sale in Pulaski county, Arkansas.  He was offered the full value for the rest of the sixteen properties but decided to keep them for a while longer to try to trade for other items such as services for bulk mailing and printing services, etc.

Thanks for the story.  Keep in touch and I wish you best of success.



  Hey roy,

Thanks for your manuals.  I just got back 6 letters saying my purchase of  6  properties has been approved for only $20 each.  One property even had  back   taxes & interest of over $8000 another $3000 another $1500, etc.

This boggles my mind.  I also got 3 more letters from another state  saying   all I had to do was send in $750 in back taxes for 3 HOUSES & I'll    receive   a deed.

 I told some people (my family) & they only say "that's nice".  What's  wrong   with people?

If someone told me this I would ask them a million questions.

Thanks again

  Dear Roy,

I have finally gotten a chance to write to you. I purchased the manuals for Fl.(my state), GA, and NJ last year, and got an opportunity to attend my second tax sale in Leon county in May 2000.  THe interesting thing about this sale is many of the bidders seek the best interest rate (starting at 18%) for their investment, and really don’t want the property. Most of the bidders are knowledgeable of the process, and I notice they only bid on the properties with taxes owed of $500-2000 or more, and leave everything else. This leaves a great opportunity! Also, alot of property is “struck-off” to the county as well.

This is how I made out: (I.) A brick house with a FMV of $40,000-50,000 and I picked it up for $950  and 10%; (II.) a lot .10-.25 Acres, FMV of $3000 and I picked it up for $71.37 18% (no bids against me)and,
(III.) a group of 4 lots, total area of .50 Acres, FMV of $4375 and I picked it up for $103.63 and 18% (no bids against me).

Now what transpired; I used the letter writting technique to attempt to get the QCD for the house, but in doing so, I rushed the owner, and she paid off the back taxes, and I received $47.00 profit for that. I should have been more patient.  The small lot has to many trees and really is not worth the trouble, and the other four lots have a drainage ditch running through it. This makes it very undevelopable and literally worthless.  All in all the leason I learned was worth more than anything; DO YOUR RESEARCH!

With this new knowledge, I am preparing for this year’s tax sale RIGHT NOW, and will be more than ready. For anyone that would like information they can goto . I can not thank you for everything, and for the material that you provided.
You have my approval to print anything from my e-mail.

Happy Hunting and Much Success, to you and All your readers

Roger Dowe


I just checked my PO Box and found a letter I sent out was returned with a copy of the Warranty deed and it is free and clear! I called the
   tax collectors office and taxes are current! It is a lot in Citrus Springs, Florida worth about $4000. I went to (Roy had
   this as an idea in one of the newletters) and mailed out letters to out of state owners. I changed around the form letter a bit and it worked.
   This is the third response in the 70 letters that I sent out. The other 2 werent free and clear. Third time a charm. You dont need to send to
   just delinquent tax payers in this business. I found that out.

   Thanks a million, Roy!


Hi, everyone. I just wanted to share my first success story. I sent about 100 letters in Feb. I received replies within a week, and received 2
   QCD for $50 each within a couple weeks after that. I sold one of them for $3,000 today !!! Yes, a simple classfied ad. It took me 10
   days to sell it. Not bad, ha? Thank you so much, Roy, for sharing your technique!!!


From: "Clinton Swaine" <>
To: "Roy Stubblefield" <>
Subject: Re: Catching Up
X-Mailer: Microsoft Outlook Express 5.00.2615.200

Roy, thank you so much for your prompt reply. I hope you enjoy your travelling next year and will definitely try and find a time to catch up with you in between your journeys. Here is a success story for you outlining some of our results:

Dear Roy,

Just a quick note to thank you so much for such a fantastic site. I have checked out so many sites on tax deeds and nothing comes close to yours. I started buying tax deeds four months ago and have since acquired 237 properties across the country. We have a couple of fantastic properties we have picked up including 12 acres of commercial property for only $27,500 worth $500,000. We are also in the process of foreclosing on 520 properties and expect to get the deeds to at least 160 of them. I also purchased 90 properties from one county for $12 each. Some were not particularly great but there were many parcels worth between $1000-$8000. The total value of our portfolio at the moment is $2.3 million. We have also been acquiring a large amount of cheap construction equipment which we can use to clear our land and dig foundations, giving us an even larger range of options of how to dispose of our property. Once again thank for your fabulous support and if I can assist anyone please do not hesitate to pass on my email, and I cannot wait for your book to be released (just don't give away ALL our secrets!!).

Clinton Swaine
Melbourne, Australia


Subject: Merry Christmas and Happy New Year
X-Mailer: AOL 4.0 for Windows 95 sub 110

Dear Roy:
    I am Chinese and I don't really celebrate christmas and new year as much as American traditional, but I just want to tell you this because I want you
to know that you are the only special person I send my wishes to.   About 2 months ago, I have no idea just browsing the net and got you,
with not much thinking, just tell myself, it only cost $39, why not give it a try, I can't believe when I got your manual, it has so much infomation and
instruction, I just follow it and now I got a lot letters return from the CA counties and even a package abstract tax microfiche copies waiting for me to
send out letters, and mean while I done research in El Centro counties and will go to auction in feb. 8, 2001, right now I am doing all the
preparations, don't know where it lead to, but it seems keep me business, and keep my positive thinking, and keep praying, I believe will soon great thing
will happen.
    Doesn't matter what the future is, I still think I and my family owe you a big time, without you manual, I don't think I will go this far.  So it
comes christmas time, I and my family wish you and your family "May peace and joy warm your heart this holiday season, and may the true spirit of christmas
bring you peace and happiness".

Jennifer Chau

Happy holidays to you also.

You email was one of the best holiday greetings I have received.

I know you may not realize this but it is emails like yours that keep me going.  After over 27 years in this wonderful business, I no longer have to have this business on the internet or ever again attend a tax sale.  We have acquired so many properties that are providing us with an adequate monthly income from the sales to the point that we can now travel whereever we want and when we want.  I do contine to attend tax sales and work at making our website better and better by the day.  It is a lot of fun and it is profitable.  It is even more enjoyable to communicate with positive thinking people like you.

Thus, my motivation is no longer profit.  It is being able to share the ideas and techniques that I have been fortunate enough to develop and test over the years that have worked well for me.

Regardless of your religious convictions, one of mine is that we gain by sharing.  There is great joy in being able to share, one with another.  Our community chat room and community posting board are becoming more and more filled with people who are also willing to share their experiences and expertise with others.

I sincerely wish you the greatest of success.  There is no doubt in my mind that you will make it in this business and we will be hearing from you with great success stories.



Topic:success story  michael
 success story Posted

 went to my first sale. only three properties for sale. i successfully bid on a fairly good lot in a nice small town, fair market value of 6000. min bid was 211 dollars to cover taxes, etc. i got it
 for 231 dollars including 6 dollar filing fee! i think that's 4 cents on the dollar. i want to sell it for cash at 25 or 30 cents on the dollar, or 3000 dollars with little or no money down and 80
 dollars/mo for 36 mo. or make me an offer. there are nice houses on each side of this lot. i will first approach these owners with an offer to sell at a huge discount from the county
 appraised value. thanks roy for your help. thanks bevan way out in n.y. !!!!




I just wanted to let you know that I picked up more Arkansas properties at a minimum price.  When I received the deeds, they were called Limited Warranty Deeds.  When I sell these, should I just give a Quitclaim Deed or Limited Warranty Deed?  By the way, these were struck off twelve or thirteen years ago.

Thanks for all your help.

Steven Hall


Congratualtions.  You can use a quit claim deed or a Special Warranty Deed.  Both of those deed forms are in the Trust Manual available at  I use a Special Warranty Deed.  Several of our customers are doing really well in Arkansas.  We just had a lady in our chat room last Sunday night who informed us about picking up a home located on 3 acres in a Northwest Arkansas County.  I started in Arkansas over 27 years ago.  During the very first year I acquired and sold several hundred properties from what you refer to as the Negotiated List.  The procedure was just a little different then but the opportunities are still great.

We have a customer who acquired properties in Arkansas while still living in Japan.  I have a friend who lives in Little Rock and has been in tis business for many years.  He makes a great living just working the struck off list for one county.

I once sent out 2500 solicitation letters to properties owners in Cherokee Village located in Sharp and Fulton counties.  I offered only $25.00 per property and ended up with 37 deeds.  All together the properties had an assessed FMV of over $200,000.  There are still lots of opportunities and room for more enterprising people to work Arkansas as will as any of the other states.



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Subject: Big Scenario--

Dear Roy,

Your wife told me that you were out of town until December ND.  I hope you can respond before then.  Here is the situation:  I purchased a tax
sale certificate and applied for and received a Treasurer's deed in September of 1999.  The unpaid taxes stretch all the way back to 1993.
The property is in Colorado. I paid $687.50 for the property.  It is 2.87 Acres.  I just sold this property on eBay for $8,500. Yeah!   I am
taking $2,000 dollars down and payments for the next four years.  And now, the

What happens if the previous owner redeems this property?

When you obtained the deed that ended the redemption period.

Yes, I know the chances are remote, but my wife told me to ask.

Also, I am using the Purchaser's Agreement in the Trust Manual.  Does this agreement cover me under Section 5 below:

"It is mutually agreed that no representations whatsoever not incorporated herein shall be binding on either party, and that this
AGREEMENT shall not be waived or contradicted hereinafter except in writing signed by both parties."

Should a paragraph be added about possible redemption?

SEE ABOVE:  No redemption after a deed is issued.


Chad Carpenter
aka: nakedguy



I appreciate your "Motivations" for the week.  Not only are they good for me but I have been forwarding them on to my son in Thailand and daughter in LA.

I just wanted to drop you a line to let you know that we just figure our total investment in 5 deeds we picked  up from a county in Oklahoma.  Our investment which included the taxes and fees, certified mailing, sheriff processing, publication and notices totaled $4403 dollars for property that the county had listed as having a market valu of $32,774.  That figures out that we paid less than 14 cents on the dollar for the value  property.   I am often asked how much money ones needs to get started in this business and this a very real example.  We had more money in the initial certificates we purchased, however all the other money was returned as people redeemed.  We actually received tax deeds on 26% of the properties on which we purchased tax lien certificates.

I hope all is well with you and Marilyn.  Have a good Thanksgiving.

John D.


Hey Roy,

Just got back from Colorado.  One of the properties I purchased for $517.50 is worth about $10,000.  Less than one minute after walking on the property, the neighbor next door came out and asked me if I'd like to sell it.  The lot is in between two $300,000 dollar homes, and they both prefer their "elbow room" as they call it.  They have agreed to go in halves for the property.  Great deals out there.
Thanks for the info,

Chad Carpenter aka nakedguy (

Topic: Sullivan County Auction

Shawn from Tax Research Foundation

I was at the Sullivan County Auction and picked up a couple of great deals.
1. 1/2 acre assessed value $15,000 we paid only $200 for it
2. 75x125 valued at $11,000 paid only $100
Both properties have village taxes due but after all is said and done we still only paid about .08cents on the dollar (assessed value FMV is probably considerably higher)

We feel this was great especially considering this was our first auction

NOTE:  Sullivan County is in New York State.



From: "Bevan White"
To: "Roy Stubblefield "
Subject: taxsales

Hello Roy and fellow workers.  Just thought I would drop a line and let everyone know about the success tax delinquent properties have been fro this year.

This letter is to try to encourage everyone to follow through on the business, not to speak of these accomplishments.  I have wrote other letters keeping you up with progress so far this summer.  I've attended auctions and wrote letters.   I've got properties at the auctions and through letter writing for $100

This summer started with $7000 to invest in property.  Already I am receiving $450 a month for 4 properties I have on payment plan.  I just bought 3 more vacant lots for a total of $800.  2 of these lots were properties right next to one I got at auction and was out bid on.  The guy that out bid me never came through with the money so I called the county and bid on these and my bid was accepted.  I got the property cheaper this way than at the auction.  These properties with my selling price far below assessed value will bring me $8,000.
I just put an ad in the local pennysaver and have already had quit a few calls.

Now the news I'm really excited about.  I just purchased by first house: 5 bedroom, 2 story house assessed a year ago for $25,000.  I bought for $3500.  The day after purchasing the house I went over and talked to the renters.  They were kind enough to let me go through the house.  They have lived there for 3 years, been paying $500.00 a month and don't want to move and have considered buying it before.

So the very least I will be collecting $500 a month from this place on a $3500 investment.  So up to date my $7000 investment I have will receive $950.00 a month, at least until I decide to sell the house  or not plus I have $8000 of selling property which I am receiving calls on let along what money I have in the bank.

Oh yes, plus I fit  1 month and a half vacation time at a very busy time, so I definally could of made more.  Has it been fun and successful?  Definally fun and I think its been successful, for missing a month and a half and really only working "very little" part time.  If I sold the house for half the assessed value and sell what properties I have left that would be $20,000 or $13,000 in my pocket from maybe 5 months of part time work.  If I would of worked full time at it, I'm sure I could of doubled that easily.

Recently, I received a tax lien list from the county I'm at and it will be 18 months before these will be foreclosed on so it is time to start letter wrightin again.

Thanks again.  I hope this encourages everyone to keep moving forward on the business.  It certainly is fun and profitable.

Bevan White



Congratulations on your success.

The answer to your question is YES, YES, YES.

I have sent out thousands of letters to out of state property owners even though the records show that all taxes are paid up-to-date.  I have had great success as more of the letters are delivered and when I get  a deed to the property the taxes are all paid up.

I am getting ready, right now,  to send out a couple thousand letters to out of state property owners on the Kenai Peninsula in Alaska.

Next year when we return to Alaska, we will have a few properties to inspect.

Keep up the good work and keep us informed.

It makes me feel good to know that you and others are experiencing such great success using the techniques in our manuals.


NOTE:  All interested parties can view some of the photos of our Alaskan gold prospecting trip at


Really enjoyed your Alaskan pictures.  Would like to get to Alaska sometime.  My cousin homesteaded there in 1959 and now has a lodge called Ultima Thule.  If you saw the movie Alaska, my cousin's son did the flying in the picture.  They have been involved in several documentaries.

We are experiencing success with the QCD letter writing technique.  We have sent out about 300 letters with now eight (8) responses.  We have one Quit Claim Deed in hand and three (3) more on the way and one more ready to send.  Three of the responses were no good, but we have the potential of five (5) good deals.  Of the three NO GOODS, the county had one of the tax lien holders as the owner. When we checked at the assessors office we found he did not own the properties.  Another the person we wrote to said he sold the property years ago, however, the assessors office still shows him as the owner.  Follow-up is certainly necessary.

Of the properties that we should be receiving qcd's for, the FMV is over $40,000 and we will have only paid a total of $150 for the properties.  The one we currently have we paid $25 for and it has a FMV of $4000.  Our total outlay so far is under $500.

Roy, we have tried a lot of programs, NOTHING WORKS LIKE YOURS. Thank you.

Two of the deeds we will have (the one in hand and the one on the way) are in a nice northern Arizona location.  Since the area is not new and is just beginning to experience new home growth, electricity and water, we thought we might make a listing of all out of state owners, not just the delinquent owners, but all out of state owners and send a letter, as many of them bought over 20 years ago.  Have you used this method? Do have a draft of a letter that you used?  Or are we not thinking clearly?

Thanks again for your sharing.

Gene & Vicki Richard
Phone: (602) 404-0652
Fax:     (602) 493-0051
E-mail: or or

Thanks for the information.

Also I bought a property in Florida for $ 244.00 and $ 10.50 filing fee. value is $ 10,000.00

Thanks for the manuals they're well worth the price,


From: "Christine Horner" <>
To: <>
Subject: Re:  Encouragement for others...finally, success!!

I wanted to share my first victory with you and your readers!  I also want to give encouragement to others as this success was not as quickly attained
as some other of your subscribers have shared.

After spending over $1000 and over 600 letters, I have finally gotten two requests for quitclaim deeds in the state of New Mexico.  The first $200 was
spent on manuals as I am an ex-loan officer and I know what you were saying to be true and, of course, I never go into anything "gingerly".  I had to get myself organized with file folders, envelopes, paper, postage, print cartridges, etc. I was just starting to get a little discouraged when I got
my first "bite".  It's actually a great property in Angel Fire, NM (Angel Fire Country Club).  A lot worth $9,000!  We are taking a drive this weekend to look at it.  Then two weeks later, a lot in Ruidoso Country Club estates worth $7,000!  I sent the $100 and I am waiting for the returned quitclaim.

I will sell those properties and then I would like to start to do some traveling to attend auctions in Washington state and Arizona.  I always
wanted to get to travel and now I can AND write off the expenses as business related.  It truly is a lot of fun and I feel quite powerful having written
some "strong" letters to public officials that got immediate action.  As I attend auctions and get used to the procedure, I'm sure my confidence will
soar!  I give all the glory to God for pointing me in your direction for my new career.  I have been a stay-at-home Mom for the last four years and I am thrilled to work from home so profitably.

Thanks again, Roy,
Christine Horner

P.S.  New Mexico isn't any more difficult than the other six states I've
been dealing with.


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Subject: A Great Newsletter This Week


I just wanted to say this week's newsletter is outstanding!  Thanks for sharing your exceptional knowledge and experiences with us who are starting out in tax sales investing.  You have most generously provided me a "Virtual Gold Mine" of information, all at no cost, since I started following your web sites, chat sessions, newsletter, and discussion forum about a year ago .

I plan to make fullest possible use of this newly gained knowledge and these most valuable resources in my tax sale investing program.  I eagerly await each new session, discussion, or letter.  With the information I have already gained from you it should be possible for me to easily build a very comfortable income, to the point that I can cease being an employee, and amass a sizeable estate over the next 2-3 years with diligent effort on my part.

I had procrastinated before I found you, even after I had purchased far more costly and far less useful information from Ted Thomas and Tony Martinez.  Conversely, your most generous sharing of the key information to become successful in this business has been reinforced by numerous success stories and my personal discussions with a strong core of successful tax sale investors whom you are responsible for bringing together and mentoring.  Your comprehensive educational programs and personal generosity have given me the confidence and knowledge to act decisively in my tax sales investment program.


Dan Nicholson

From: Joe Park <>
To: "Roy  Stubblefield" <>
Subject: Why?
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Mr. Stubblefield,

Why do you offer so much good information for (next to)nothing??

Are you looking to be canonized? (If you are not Catholic, that is the process that has to happen for someone to become a saint.)

Are you trying ensure your spot in Heaven?

Or are you just one of those annoyingly-always-happy people?

Whatever the reason, thank you!

In my brief lifetime, I have seen all sorts of selfish, me-first people. Add to that all the scams and spams on the internet and you have many good reasons for cynicsim.

Thank you for restoring my faith in cyber-mankind!

Successfully yours,


Greed!  You gain a lot more by sharing than by hoarding.  In my opinion it is a "law of nature."  "Simply put, the law would be that those living beings including races, nations, and individual persons who do not freely share the fruits of their lives metaphorically wither away and die.  Evidentially, it is a veritable law of life.   Under this law, he who seeks to have, to hold, and miser-like to hoard for himself alone, the fruits of his life, and that includes his outer possessions as well as his discovered wisdom, truth and power;  he who hoards these for himself giving nothing to others, that man will inevitably find that in this own life many of his faculties, including his capacity for love, will, if not expressed, stagnate, and symbolically wither away, or if you like, become atrophied from lack of use.  What we have, we must give.  What we know, we must share.  And, our lives evidentially are best and most fruitfully lived in the expression of love"  from an essay by Sir Godfrey Hodson

From: "Dan Nicholson" <>
To: <>
Cc: <>
Subject: Thanks for the compliment.  Go Get'em!

Hi Gary,

Thanks for the complement.  I have had a lot of experience writing in the military, and I try to remember that there are a lot of readers who are new to the game and don't have a clue about this business.   I try to write to them.

Sometimes I get carried away and write more than I intended to (like now). I'm glad you appreciate the information I put out. I would write more if I had the time to interact with the discussions. Sometimes things hit me wrong and I have to jump in with my two cents worth.

I am by no means as seasoned as Roy and I certainly have not yet had the Tax investing successes that others have had, but I will. I am committed to tax foreclosure investing, and have made a couple other foreclosure real estate investments. There is a lot of money to be made in tax foreclosures if you invest prudently. It requires a lot of time and effort any way you go about it. I do not see an easy way to become really successful.

By success I am not referring to earning interest on tax lien certificates. I am talking about buying tangible real estate for pennies on the dollar, and selling it for 5 to 100 or more times your initial investment, perhaps the week after you acquired it. What kind of annual return is that on your investment? The numbers may vary from deal to deal, but it's good enough for me! Compare that to bank savings deposits or the best paying CDs / Money Market. They pale in comparison.

I made my first tax investment last October. Right now I own one tax-sale property in Alaska. It's not much, but it's a place to start. I also have 11 TLCs in Oklahoma City that I will be foreclosing on as soon as I get the time. Hopefully I will end up with some more property. I chose them carefully to maximize that possibility.

I have studied the tax sale biz for several years and have spent a lot of money on others' course materials. Most courses on the market are overpriced and contain a lot of fluff without much substance, hyped by such snake oil salesmen as Ted Thomas and Tony Martinez. That is not to say that there is nothing to learn in their materials. But it is relatively little for a lot of money.

Between Roy's web pages, newsletter, chats, and his manuals, you can't beat the education and advice you will receive, backed up by about 30 years of experience, anywhere for the price. He is one of the most honest (and dedicated to sharing his knowledge at no charge) people you will ever encounter. As you make money in your investments you should continue to invest in your tax sale training and library, learning from others as well. But you don't need do that now to in order to start out now, investing on a shoestring with Roy's system.

Don't be so leery and afraid to start, just because you don't have all the answers you wish you had, so that you never get started. Start by buying Roy's Arizona manual ( and perhaps John Beck's Arizona manual - ), by learning your local state laws on tax foreclosures, and by visiting the local county offices that conduct the tax sales. Maricopa County has such a big tax sale that it takes 5 days just to sell all of the tax liens. And many are never purchased. These are great investment opportunities for you even after the competitive pressures of the annual sale are over - and they pay the full 16%, if you don't get to own the property.

Get to know the people who work in the offices you need to work with in this biz. The County Treasurer, Assessor, and Land Records Recorder / Clerk's offices. Ask questions until you learn how the game is played, how their records systems operate, and how to personally research each property in their public records systems. And don't forget to physically inspect each property before you make a purchase offer on it.

If you do this you will be miles ahead of most other tax sale investors, and you will have enough answers to feel confident about acquiring a property without knowing every last detail about it. After all, the most you can lose is your investment. If you buy the property right, you aren't going to lose much if you do have a total loss ( which is highly unlikely), because you didn't spend much on it in the first place.

In the worst case scenario you would fail to pay the taxes and let the property go back e county (abandon your initial investment) The county would simply foreclose on you in a year or two and resell it to someone else. In the meantime you would possess the redemption rights, and could continue to market the property until it is sold in the next tax sale. If you buy a deed using Roy's system that costs $50, do you really care if you made a bad investment? Can you find a buyer to take it off your hands for $100?

Or you could donate that same property to a charity and write off its MARKET VALUE on your taxes. You might even come out ahead this way by creating your own tax loss to shelter otherwise taxable income.

Or you could find someone who would BARTER your property for something they own of equivalent value ( a car, boat or coin collection?). Could you give it to your dentist in exchange for dental work for your family, or your mechanic for a tune-up of your car?

Just learn enough so that you aren't going to lose your shirt in a bad deal, then act from a position of knowledge. Just think how many others are afraid to act, just like you. Most attendees at tax sales never bid. It is the institutional investors, with large amounts of money to invest (often without knowledge other than rate of interest return about the lien they are purchasing), or those who DO know what they are doing, and a few in between. The most successful know the game and play to win, capitalizing on the ignorance and indecisiveness of the others.

The main thing you have to know is how the rules of the game are played and that there is sufficient security (collateral value) inherent in the property that you can not lose your investment. In other words, that it is indeed A VALUABLE PROPERTY. With only 5-10% of fair market value invested, unless you purchased a hillside, a toxic waste site, an arroyo prone to flash flooding, or a 3' wide strip of land and a few other worthless parcels, you should be able to at least break even with some valuable lessons learned from an investment gone south.

Speaking of security, your tax purchase investment is extremely safe - the safest there is, except for Federal Government backed securities. It is backed up by the county government. You will either get your investment back at a high rate of interest, or you will by law, you will get the property.

You will invest only 5-10% of the property's value. Nowhere else can you command such powerful investment leverage! Even in the stock market, investing on margin, you must invest 50% with much higher risk of loss and margin calls. Consider a residential owner-occupied real estate loan made by your local banker. He has 90-95% of his money in a loan collateralized by a house. He has performed his due diligence. Do you think his investment is pretty safe for him even if he gets the house back? Not at all. What if the market goes south even 5%. The banker will incur legal, foreclosure sale, and fix-up costs; also lost interest on his investment during the holding period, etc. Additionally, he will probably have to sell the property at distress sale prices just to get the property off of his books! He will lose his shirt big time because he has such a high Investment-to-Value (ITV) ratio!

Your tax deed purchase is just the exact opposite, with a low ITV. There is almost no risk! In comparison, your tax sale purchase is so secure at 5-10% of market value that you could absorb all of these costs and still make a good profit from the sale of the property, or at least not incur a loss of your investment.

Happy investing, Gary. Welcome to tax investing. There are 1,000 ways to play this game, depending on where you are and who the players are. Each county covered by the same state laws does things differently from all the others in that state. No two are the same. Decide where you want to start, then become an expert there. Then, if you want to branch out, learn the new game's rules and jump in with both feet.

Feel free to contact me again if I can help, and look for me in Roy's Sunday evening chats (I'm dieseldan). It's a great place to get others' free inputs to your questions (including Roy's). I am forwarding a copy of this to Roy for his information and his use and/or publication if warranted.

Good luck,