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" It's not enough to have a dream,  Unless you're willing to pursue it.
  It's not enough to know what's right, Unless your strong enough to do it.
It's not enough to learn the truth, Unless you also learn to live it.
It's not enough to reach for love, Unless you care enough to give it."

This business known as  "Fun and Profits in Tax Forfeited Lands" is really a lot of fun and it is truly highly profitable.




This sample edition will hopefully help you decide if you would like to get involved in this business.  Or, if you are already one of our satisfied
customers give you some ideas as to how to improve upon the techniques you are already using.

My first advise to new beginners is to read all the Tax Lien Certificates and Tax Deeds success stories .
These many different stories illustrate the various profit making  techniques that  we have created and
are now  being used by others successfully.

I also recommend that you get started in your own back yard by at least
acquiring a state manual for your home state whether that state is a so called
“tax deed” or a “tax lien certificate” type state.  There are profit making
techniques that you can use in each situation.  In addition, you do not need a
lot of money once you learn the techniques.

We receive lots of emails asking advice on how best to get started in this
exciting business.  What I am talking about is investing in high yielding
government issued tax lien certificates and obtaining real property for pennies
on the dollar at regularly held county and city auctions of tax forfeited real
estate for non-payment of property taxes.

It has now been 30 years since I ventured into this business.  I can still
remember the many doubts that I had when I first got started.  I just did not
believe that you could acquire land for as little as $5.00 per acre or $25.00 to
$100 for residential lots.  It occurs to me that many of you may have some of
the same doubts that I had.  So, what did I do?  Well, having a legal background
I did have an advantage.  I knew how to do legal research.  What I did to start
with was to research the statutes in my home state.  Within those statutes I
learned to whom I must contact to get on mailing lists for the sale of these
types of properties.  I also discovered from those statutes that properties not
sold at tax sales ended up in the office of the Commissioner of State Lands and
were immediately available for purchase.  I wrote to the Commissioner for a list
of any properties he might have available in my own county and two adjoining
counties.  I immediately purchased a two-acre tract plus a city lot, both for
less than $25.00.  That got me started.  I sold both properties sight unseen
within one month for $300 each.

Well, what would I now do if I were in your shoes?  You are very fortunate.  I
have already research the statutes for all of the 50 states plus the District of
Columbia, Guam, Puerto Rico, and the U.S. Virgin Islands.  In addition I have
hands on experience in many of the these jurisdictions actually attending tax
sales and acquiring well over 10,000 properties over the years.  I have
developed ten time tested and proven profit making techniques that have not
worked well for others as evidenced by the many success stories located at

You do not have to  re-invent the wheel.  It has been done for you.  Each of our
state manuals is only $79.00.  Each manual contains these ten techniques, the up
to date statutes, list of contacts, form letters to contact the proper public
officials, and the public records statutes so that you know what you are
entitled to from these offices and at what price, if any.

Knowing what I know now, here are the steps that I would take.

One:  Purchase one or more state manuals of your choice.  Read it from front to
back several times taking particular notes of the statutes and how you can
profit and take advantage of the procedures in the state(s) of your choice.

Two:  Make a decision as to your personal motivations.   For simplicity I have
broken them down into three categories.
1. Invest in high yielding government issued tax lien certificates.
2. Attend public auction sales of tax-forfeited properties and obtain deeds and
possession of properties.
3. Both of the above

If you want to invest in high yielding government issued tax lien certificates,
then I would review the list of states offering tax lien certificates, which are
listed below in this newsletter.  We have techniques in each of our  manuals
that will help you determine out of a list of hundreds or even thousands of
certificates which are most like to be redeemed and which will most likely not
be redeemed.

Some states are referred to as deed type states and others as “tlc” , tax lien
certificate, type states.  You can determine what states fall within each
category by going to states.  Each state with an
“*” beside its name offers tax lien certificates.  These states also have tax
deed type of sales where they offer property acquired by them due to no bids
being  received when the TLC was offered for sale.  They must foreclose and sell
these properties.

There are a number of different techniques to use regardless of your motivation.

I prefer to always go after the property.  The profit margin is much greater
than interest of 16% to as much as 36%.  If I can acquire a property for less
than 20% of its fair market value than my potential profit is not twenty or
twenty-five percent but 400 to 500  percent or more.  As an example, I recently
acquired a nice mobile home on one acre in my home county at a tax foreclosure
sales where I received a sheriff’s Deed.  My high bid at the public auction was
$4550.  I rented the mobile home to the occupant for 3 months at a rental of
$500 per month just last month with an agreement to sell it to her for  $37,500
with a down payment of at least $5,000 and monthly payments of $325 per month
including 10% interest.  The occupant called me last Friday and stated she had
decided to purchase the property on the terms I quoted to her and said she had
the $5,000.  On Saturday, she came in with the $5,000 and I did the Purchaser’s
agreement and sold it to her.

I have done that over and over hundreds of times during the last few years and
will continue to attend public auction sales and do it over and over in the

One of my favorite and most profitable technique which I develop just by
accident is that of writing letters to delinquent property owners offering them
$25.00 to $100 for a deed to their property in the event they cannot or have no
intention of redeeming their property.

I developed this technique because I noticed that there were hundreds and
thousands of property owners that never redeemed their property for a number of
different reasons.  I reasoned that those property owners might be glad to get
the property out of their names for a small consideration.  Then, in studying
the IRS rules and regulations, I discovered that if a person makes an investment
in a property, whether it be real estate, fine art, gemstones, stocks and bonds,
and sells that property for a loss they are entitled to take a tax deduction for
the loss.  That was just an additional incentive for them to sign a quit claim
deed to me for $25 to $100.  Yes, it is true that when I receive that quit claim
deed and record it I am “responsible” for the past due taxes.  But, being
“responsible” does not mean that I have to pay them.  What I do is pass that
“responsibility” along to the person who purchases the property form me.  I can
drastically reduce the selling price to a point that I have yet had a buy refuse
to be responsible for currently due and past due taxes.

Therefore, one of the first things that I would do whether you live in a deed
type or tax lien certificate type state is, after you receive and review your
manual, is to write a letter to the proper official asking for a list of
delinquent properties or for a list of tax lien certificates that have been
purchased in the past year.  I would create a mailing list and mail out the
solicitation letter that is  in each of the state manuals along with the article
out of the Arizona Republic and the  "HOW TO CREATE A TAX DEDUCTIBLE" article, also in each manual.

I would purge that list down to the following:

1. Out of state owners.
2. Properties with a value of at least $5,000 but not more than $40,000.

I would offer $25,00 to $100 for a quitclaim deed in accordance with the
solicitation letter.

What I love about this technique is that almost anyone can do it.  You do not
have to attend a public auction or do anything except use your computer and your
trusty word process.  You can do it all from the privacy of your home.  You can
spend as little as one hour a week or as much time as you want  working on this
project.  Even if all you do is acquire just one property at the very minimum
you could donate the property to your favorite charity and take a tax deduction
for the full value of the property at the time of the donation thus reducing the
amount of your income tax according to the IRS rules and regulations.

Consider the many success stories .
Decide for yourself if you would like to get started in what has been a
wonderful experience for me for the past 30 years.  Read what you get when you
order below within this newsletter.

COMMENT:  I appreciate the many success stories that I receive almost on a daily
basis.  Please remember I can publish only about one out of ten such letters
because I need the permission of the sender.  The Techniques in each of the
state manuals have proven effective wherever properly utilized.

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How to Start with a few Dollars.html
How to Sell an Investment Property for a loss
            I hope this helps making your investing more enjoyable and more profitable.


 Texas  also has a redemption period but you can use that to your advantage.
See Texas Auctions Below.

January 14, 2011
February 18, 2011
March 8, 2011
April 12, 2011
May 10, 2011
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August 9, 2011
September 13, 2011
October 11, 2011

November 8, 2011
December 13, 2011

On the Schedule for 2011

Internet Auctions
Coming Soon

Tax colllector .martin.County/Frequent asked questions_taxsale.html

 Many think of Florida as being only a tax lien certificate sale state.  The fact is that most Florida counties have one or more tax deed sale auctions each month.  These public auctions are judicial foreclosure sales of tax lien certificates by the holder of a tax lien certificate whether it is a person or the county.  These auctions provide some tremendous profit opportunities.   Contact the clerk of the District Court of each county for  the auction information.  It is their responsibility to conduct the auctions.

I hope this helps making your investing more enjoyable and more profitable.


Subject:   RE: A God Send
From:   "Cherie H " <>
Date:   Thursday, August 27, 2009 09:03 pm

My name is Cherie H.  and I am so grateful that I came across Roy's website tonight. I have spent over an hour reading about tax lien certificates and I thoroughly enjoyed every minute of it! I only wish that Roy was alive so that I could say "Thanks" for sharing his knowledge. I have been praying to God for an opportunity to make more money that would allow me to spend more time with my family. I am married with two young boys and spend a lot of time working in the corporate world. While at work, a woman mentioned that her boyfriend purchased 10 acres of land in Maryland for 800.00 at an auction. I didn't know it was possible to get land at such a minimal price. Needless to say, I got on the internet this evening to begin my research. And to my delight, I came across Roy's website. I believe it was divine intervention. Roy is continuing to help people. I am placing my order for the manuals so I can get started right away. I feel so blessed to have come across his site. Please continue his legacy. God Bless.  
Cherie H

Subject:   RE: Thanks!
From:   "Ruth " <>
Date:   Thu, February 21, 2008 4:30 pm


Thanks for the advice.  I got this property in Riverside last week.  This is my 2nd lots in this county.  The son granted the deed of the property to me, the county also need certified copies of death certificate for the parents, and a affidavit of joint tenancy.

Beatrice, I got manuals of 9 states, just want to upgraded to all states, would you please let me know how much it will be?  Thanks a lot as always!


Subject:   Thanks!
From:   "Ruth"
Date:   Wed, December 12, 2007 1:36 pm

Thank you so much for taking my call yesterday.  It has been an exciting day for me.  After talking to you, I got the deed signed for the 10 acres lot in Riverside county, which worth between $20,000 to 30,000, I got it for $1,000 and will pay $800 delinquent tax.  It was my 1st deal from property owner, I could not go to sleep the night before, but it is so easy when everything is signed and recorded.   The seller even ask me if I am interested in a river-front lot in TX, which was delinquent in tax for years, sure, I will check that one out.

It has been two months after purchased your manuals, I used them faithfully like a bible.  We got 3 lots from Arkansas already, and bidding for another
60 lots.  2008 will be very interesting.

Best regards,
Ruth in California

From: "kenneth
To: <>
Subject: Excess Proceeds
Date: Sun, 13 Aug 2006 00:39:25 -0700

Thanks for all your help. Things are just starting to roll. Got my first California deed after 4 weeks of starting.
Hope more are to follow!

Thanks Ken in California

Subject: hi roy, just a quick email

I was sending a quick email in hopes that you are doing well. I haven't written in over a year. you are in my thoughts, sir. I can never express enough how crossing paths with you, has been the most rewarding gift from the heavens that I have ever received. Roy, I continue to grow and prosper from meeting you. You have made it a reality in my life toexperience the luxuries of life, to have the time to be with family, friends and myself to grow spiritually. Thanks to you, Roy, my life gets sweeter and sweeter. You will neverknow how filled with joy, I am, in having crossed path with you. I said, to you back in about 2002 that you are the only person that I have ever met on the Internet who didn't deceive me. Again, I pray that you are well. I hope that you have made progress from your health issues of years ago. You are a blessing. Please, don't ever, if you can, stop making your web site and information on investing in tax liens, tax deed sales, etc. available to those who, "Dare To Dream." This is venus. Formerly
Best wishes until I write again. Happy New Year . (Yes, you may publish this because I want others to know that their dreams can come true. This is life enriching information that you provide.) Until next time, Roy. God Bless. "Love Works!"

Subject: Re: hi roy, just a quick email

Whoa. I'm sorry, to hear that but God knows, Roy, had been so giving of knowledge to me. He always replied to help me understand whatever I was struggling to comprehend. I can't tell you how much of an impact he made on the path my life has taken. I will never forget stumbling across his web site and writing to him to be greeted with his messages of succeeding by making the decision to take the first step. I am, hurt, to hear that he has passed on. I know that we all have a destiny. I am, thankful that I was able to let him know while he was here, with us, in this dimension how grateful I am that we crossed paths.  God bless you and your loved ones. I am sincere that he was a guiding light and I now experience living and accomplishing things that I would not have done, I am certain, had I not learned from such a truly giving being. Roy was a guardian angel to me.
I am grateful to God that he arrived in my life and showed me the path to fulfilling my life desires. I will always be thankful for meeting, Roy, online. I am saddened but I am equally grateful for his sharing so much with so many people. Thank you for replying to my email. I send you my best wishes. I am truly saddened by this information.
I had no idea. I recently communicated with jazzy who back in 2001 had inspiring testimonials on the web site and he didn't know how Roy was doing. I am certain many may not know, Roy, has passed on... God Bless you and yours!


From: Ron
Subject: missouri manual
To: Roy Stubblefield <>

Hi  Roy,

I hope this note finds you in good health.

  I bought several of your manuals a few years ago and just wanted to tell you that you give the most value for the buck that I have ever come across.  I have two rental houses that I bought using your letter campaign for the grand sum of $500 each.  I also bought one for $50 that I flipped to a rehabber for $3,000. the others I have sold on contract for deed for the sum of 35 K and 32K each that is making a nice little income supplement.

Thank you for your time.

From: "Bill "
Subject: Update
To: <>

  I just wanted to drop you a note, as in the 3 months since I ordered your package, my life has change for the better!!  I ordered your kit with some of my last few dollars, I started a letter campaign based on your samples and education to owners that were delinquent and the property started to roll in...  my first mailing was only 250 letters (all the money I could raise) and the following responses came pouring in:
Resort plot in lake subdivision value: $2,000 (out of state owner)
corner lot from an estate value: $3,500 (out of state owner)
9 acres improved pasture value:$16,200 (divorce)
10 acres near Houston, value:$20,000 (out of state owner)
14 Lake lots value:$5,400 (from an estate)
2 side by side 5 acre lots bordered by a river on a paved road. Value:$5,000 each (out of state owner)

There were more offered, but those are the ones I accepted, oh at $100 each... (borrowed)  I've sold the first two for just under $4k!!

So I'm left with $51,600.00 in property (last 4 listed above) with $47,900 in equity!! So even if I blow them out at discount pricing, the ROI is fantastic!

The third one is in the process of being sold now.

I've since done 3 more mailings, and have acquired many more properties then I've listed here... all with thousands of dollars in equity!
I now do this fulltime, working from home.  I've have not even slowed down to figure up my net worth growth, but it is tremendous!!
Plano, Texas

From: Marty
Subject: Thanks Roy!  It works!!!

Hi Roy,

Five years ago, I bought the California Manual and the Trust Manual.  Since then, great things have happened.  I bought two properties at a sale.  On one, we netted out $1,200.  On the other, $14,000.  For both, it was a three-year process, and definitely worth it!

I just want to thank you for opening the door for my family and me to make money and have fun.  I am now in the process of passing your knowledge and expertise on to my own children and to some high school students who are also interested in what you are doing.  It's fun to see them get excited about the fact that they can go make money in life without having to have a job!  So, =93THANK YOU=94 for your incredible information, website, and newsletters.

One of your "Motivations of the Week" that you wrote a while back was,
"A job is the biggest killer of financial Freedom.  What is yours costing you?"

I probably read it when you first wrote it, but it didn't really hit me that profoundly.  However, a month ago, it did!...and my mind has been sparking ever since.

During the past five years, I have continued to research properties, counties, laws, etc.  Last month, I bought the tax roll for a California county and will be sending out =93token offer=94 letters to a thousand owners. I put together info from your manuals and newsletters to create a mail merge document that will get great responses.

By the way, can I come to the next fishing tournament, too?  (You had mentioned it in a newsletter a while back).

I hope you are doing well.  You are in our prayers and our thoughts.

All the best, and a million thanks,



1. Learn from an expert with over 40 years experience.
2. Buy Low - Sell High.
3. Houses for less than $5,000.
4. Residential lots for less than $1,000.
5. Acreage - less than $100 per acre.
6. All states and all counties covered.
7. Profit Making Formulas, Techniques, and Ideas that work - not just theories
8. Hundreds of auctions every month- some with no minimum bid.


1. Ten Profit making formulas and techniques - time tested and proven to be highly profitable over the years and by our many customers today.

2. Pertinent statutes relating to the collection of delinquent taxes and the sale of property for  non-payment of taxes in the state or states of your choice.

3. Form letters for your use in contacting the proper public officials. Can be copied, pasted, and mail merged saving you many hours of hard work.

4. Form letters for contacting delinquent property owners prior to the sale and buying the property for a small consideration. This is one of the most profitable techniques among the ten in each state manual. You can start using it almost immediately after you receive your manual(s).

5. List of public officials to contact. This list can be imported into your favorite database and used to   mail merge letters to the proper officials.

5. Public record statutes. You need to know your rights and the maximum they can charge for public records

7. Complete text of pertinent statutes relating to tax sales.

8. Ideas that work - not just theories.


Any one state manual is only $79.00 Now $25.00

Any five state manuals + Trust manual = $197.00 Now $75.00

Any ninet state manuals  + Trust manual = $397.00 Now $97.00

OUR SUPER SPECIAL = includes all 50 state manuals, a separate manual for each of the following: Guam, Puerto Rico, U.S. Virgin Islands  = $997.00 - Now $197.00

Many of our customers are acquiring the entire set of manuals and starting a new and much more profitable career than they had in their former JOB.


 You can order by ordinary mail, fax  or secure credit card.

There are barter sessions held almost on a monthly basis.  Get on the list to receive notices of barter sessions by contacting:
Spurgeon H. Barrett, Jr.
S. H. Barrett, Inc.
P. O. Box 548, Lutz, FL. 33548
(813) 996-3305 Office (813) 996-9641 Fax -

Tax Research Foundation
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You may call in your ORDER ONLY at 713-671-0110
between the hours of 8AM - 9PM Central time.

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